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Am about to start in with the writing this morning, and ended up trying to decide where I wanted to write. I’ve always known that it’s important to me to write in different locations. I have several: my chair, the chaise lounge, the couch, my bed, and myriad coffee shops around here.

I don’t mix all day job and writing locations. I have a desk for the day job, and three chairs that I switch out for the desk. I never write at the desk, and I never do day job on my bed. The chair, chaise lounge and couch can all be used for each. As well as coffee shops.

One of the things I realized while at my brother’s was that writing in different locations is actually part of my writing process. I only had two places I would write at his place, my bed and the couch. But the one morning I found I couldn’t write in my bed — had written there for at least two days — as soon as I moved to the couch inspiration struck and I could do my 2500 words for the day. Then I deliberately switched every day, and found I had no more problems.

So how about you? Do you find that you need to write in different locations all the time? Or do you need to write in the same place every day?

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  1. I can – and do – write anywhere – the day job when its quiet, the coffee shop at the station (regularly), bed, etc – but I work best in my tiny little 3ftx6ft pod. Habit.

  2. My wife bought me a HP Mini 311 netbook for Christmas. The joy in it is that it has released me from my desk where I always wrote before. It’s fun to move to the comfy recliner or to take it with me on the road.

    • For my last several laptops, I’ve gotten ultra portables–basically, full laptops that are under 3 pounds in weight (I am currently using a MacBook Air.) I adore being able to easily carry it with me everywhere.

  3. Writing is one of my four jobs. Family member (parent and partner,) homeschooling teacher, writer, and air traffic controller. I tend to fit all four of them in and around each other as best I can. So I write on my breaks at work, in the geek room, with twenty other people sitting at the long tables. I write at my dining room table, while supervising lunch or waiting for worksheets to be completed. I write while watching my kids at Circus Juventas. I write in my head while I’m driving. I write (okay, edit, actually, I can’t write with the tv going) while sitting on the couch after the kids go to bed, half-watching some familiar movie. I write at coffee shops, given a chance.

    If I had set places and times I wrote, it would turn into a litany of excuses. So one of the Rules I made for myself last year was that I would suck it up and learn to write EVERYWHERE, dammit.

    • That’s a really cool rule — to write everywhere. And I know I owe you comments! Will try to do that this weekend.

  4. For the most part, I write either in the comfortable chair in the sun room (if the weather outside is above 45 degrees) or in the comfortable chair in my library. But I have found that if I get stuck either in what I am writing or in getting myself to sit down and write (usually I’m finding caused by some problem with the writing that I am just not consciously seeing) the best thing I can do is take the computer to someplace else – the library, a coffee shop, or a bookstore. This somehow just seems to serve as a reset and I’m usually back on track.

    • Ditto. If I’m having problems writing in the morning I move location. Don’t know why that shakes things up enough to get going, but it generally does.

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