Day 2 — the adventure continues!

I’ve had a wonderful day, but it isn’t over yet. I thought I’d post now, though.

This morning I went to Cafe du Monde for chicory coffee and beignets. Because, sometimes you just have to do that. I remember Cafe du Monde from my very first visit to New Orleans, back in 1990. It was still lovely.

Then I took the St. Charles street car out to the Garden District. Completely different feel from the French Quarter. Beautiful tree-lined streets and mansions. Very quiet. And while I loved it, I’m not convinced that’s where I want to live.

However, I also walked around the Lower Garden District, and I’m not convinced I want to live there either. *sigh*

When I come back at the end of July to actually rent something, I might have to rent a car to get everywhere I want to visit in terms of neighborhoods. Or else spend more time here. Hmmm.

Lunch today was at Jackson. The kitchen was running a bit behind, so to tide me over they brought me an appetizer — the Gorgonzola cheese cake. Really tasty.
My main dish was also an appetizer — the Moules et Frites NOLA (mussels and fries.) Spicy and yummy. Huge bowl full of mussels — more than enough for a meal.

Dinner tonight was at La Peniche (they don’t have a web site.) I went for comfort food — Eggs Benedict. (The waiter did recommend it.) It was really tasty — the Hollendaise sauce had a nice spiciness to it. And the grits were perfectly cooked — neither gummy or runny.

Later tonight I’m going to The Spotted Cat to listen to some music and meet up with some people. Should be fun!

Lamp detail Lamp detail
I loved this detail. It’s from a lamp on the side of a building.
Painted house detail Painted house detail
This was a house for sale in the Garden District. I love the detailed painting they did on it.
Hysterical Marker Hysterical Marker
Every where you walk there are historical markers, talking about what the building is for, what happened there, etc. I saw this on a fence in the Garden District.
Garden District house Garden District house
One of the many, many, MANY amazing houses in the Garden District.

ETA: I forgot to add — there’s a PARADE tomorrow. Going right by my hotel.

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  1. You might actually like the Uptown area, especially around Tulane. There are shops and restaurants in walking distance of most places to live, and it has a more neighborhoodish feel to it.

  2. the houses in the garden district are absolutely gorgeous. hope you find just the right place to live. *crosses fingers*

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