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  1. I like #2 best, because it’s the most fun, so that’s what I voted for. In practical fact, #1 looks like the best author photo to me. The three pictures in sequence are practically a little stop-motion animated flash film of you laughing.

    • I really like #2 as well. And you’re right — Luke snapped a bunch of picture all in a row, and so it is like a stop-motion animation of me laughing.

    • It really is! It’s such a mane. I never expected it to be curly, or to have such life. But because it does, I think I’ll keep it for a while.

  2. I like #3 best because you are more in the frame. I like your expression in #1, but it looks almost like you are there just to give a sense of scale in a close-up of your sofa.

    I also was struck by the closeness in hue and value of your hair and the fabric of the sofa. That might lead to some unintended optical effects when the photo is reproduced in grayscale or with low resolution.

    • Thank you for the idea about reproducing these in B&W! Luke did so for me and they look just fine. But I might go with #3 for the B&W, #1 for the color, and #2 for fun, somewhere, on the web site. *G*

  3. Although I love the laughter in #2, your eyes are almost closed — I much prefer to see your eyes! #1 or #3 would work better.

    By the way, I like your glasses a lot!

    • Thank you! I think those are good point. The glasses are new, and I quite like them. As is the long hair. Which I like most of the time.

  4. I saw the black & white versions up on Flickr. I think I like #2 in black & white best. The vibrancy of your laugh contrasts beautifully with the muted color.

    Your hair has grown so long and wavy! Has it been that long since we went out to dinner? We must plan another. &hearts

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