I made chicken stock earlier in the week — basically, take the bones from one of those little rotisserie chickens, throw them in a pot with some white wine, water, spices and herbs, then simmer for 5-6 hours.

Today, I made stew. It’s another lazy recipe: brown some stew beef, then throw that with a bunch of veggies and herbs into the crock pot and let it cook for the day. The base was the chicken stock I made earlier. Extras this time were fresh herbs, and browned mushrooms.

OMG. So good. Nom Nom Nom. The chicken stock has a zing to it (from the wine) that’s just perfect. And the mushrooms give it lovely, deeper notes.

I’m tempted to try to freeze part of this batch, so I can have it in January, when I get back. I’m afraid, though, that I’ll probably just eat all of it this week. Because, seriously. YUM.

PS. I did write this morning — wrote about half of chapter 12.

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  1. Sounds yummy! Once every few months, I make a whole chicken in the slow cooker one day, then the next day make chicken soup in one pot, and chicken pot in another stock. I simmer probably at least 8-10 hours. It never occurred to me to put white wine in the stock. Will have to give that a try!

    • The wine really gives it a nice spice. I actually think the cheaper, harsher whites give it more kick than an expensive white, but YMMV.

    • No, not really. Bad headache from the smells this AM. And the heat is off, but I have to have the windows open anyway. 🙁

      ::massive hugs::

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