I have a new web site. I will get to updating stuff on it, if not today, then once vacation starts.

I have a new fridge and gas range and they’re so pretty!

I have a new phone (DROID) that I adore.

I have finished chapter 12. Sometime this week I will start writing chapter 13. I’ll be in MN, and I will find the time. Yes. Who knows? Possibly even finish it, if I don’t have too many social obligations.

Super!secret Christmas project is almost complete. Will post, uhm, later.

I went looking back at last year. I didn’t write most of this month. I didn’t write most of December last year either. I’m wondering if this is just something I should accept and plan for (not much writing in December) and thereby reduce my stress levels, or if I should push and try to do more writing in December. On the one hand, while I continue with this day job (and I see no reason why I’d leave, like, EVER) I will *always* have big deadlines in December. It’s one of the three crunch months I have every year. On the other hand, I won’t always have the super!secret Christmas project, so I should have more time. Then again, I will probably always have some kind of Christmas project. . .

One of the very interesting things I learned about myself this month: I give myself a gold star for the day if I eat veggies, walk, and write. Because I wasn’t writing, and there was no way for me to earn a gold star, I stopped doing the other things as well. Or at least, not as consistently. I will need to plan for that as well.

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  1. Still up for an author’s photo? I have more portrait experience, so it’ll be a better photo (one hopes ;>) than it would have if we’d taken it as originally planned.

    In any case, let me know, I’d be happy to work something out. Maybe after you get back from MN, and/or the first of the year. I have to get my computer into the shop for a few days.

    • Yes! After the first of the year would be great. Hopefully this time we’ll actually make it happen. Because I still really need those pictures. . . Thank you so much for your offer!

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