I really have been trying to post every day this month.

Sunday I was offline most of the day, reading and knitting. Honestly, I hadn’t planned on posting, regardless of my “post every day” stance.

Monday, I lost the key to my car while I was in Redmond. My friend had to come get me (after I’d spent an hour searching for it in the rain) drive me back to Seattle, then back to Redmond. So there really wasn’t an opportunity to post.

Tuesday I probably had the time to post. But I wanted to reply to all the replies to my last post, and I ran out of time.

So it’s Wednesday, four days since my last post. I have content that I could post every day (Thoughts! Ramblings! I have ’em.) For me, it’s about making posting a priority. Most days I cannot post while I’m doing the day job — I’m just too dang busy (shouldn’t be posting this but I’m taking a break, it’s the holidays, and most of the people I work with aren’t around.) When I finish with the day job, I want to get away from the computer. When I come back to the computer in the evening, I want to work on the novel. I could post after that, but I’m tired and don’t want to use my energy that way.

However. I do think that posting and trying to communicate is important, particularly as this trilogy draws to a close, as I start to rebuild my writing career. I know if I try to post once a week I’ll never post. So my goal is going to remain posting once a day, with already granted forgiveness when I don’t.

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