I’ve been writing. A lot, actually. I’m over halfway through chapter 1. I wasn’t able to write much on the weekend, and I’ve fallen down to 500 words per session in terms of output. I also haven’t had a tremendous amount of time when I’ve been writing. Tomorrow, even though my writing partner isn’t going to be there, I’m still taking myself out for dinner then writing. I hope to finish chapter 1 tomorrow. I have so many ideas about this novel, so many parts I want to get to. Including the end of this chapter!

I plotted this novel differently than any other novel. The way it’s plotted makes it feel tighter in my head. I’m not sure if it’ll come out that way or not. But if it does, I will definitely do it for the next novel (have to keep stopping myself from doing it now.) And I may go back to the second novel and replot using this method as well. Probably not the first, though I’ll think about it.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about pens and inks and I promise to post about it soon.

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