I finished writing out chapter 15 yesterday — the last chapter in the Harp of Light. Yes! ::pumps fist::

But I can’t declare the first draft of the novel as done. This morning I wrote the epilogue, which turned out to be longer than I expected — about 1000 words. But I think it needs to be that long, as it’s going to explain a lot of the motivation (and behavior) of the “bad guy” in novel #3. I also started the prologue — which is based on a short story that I wrote a long, long time ago, and never finished. The short story was written from one person’s POV, and I have to rewrite from a major character’s POV, so some of the events are different. But the message, the tone and the feel are still very much the same, which pleases me. (The original story was called, “Fire in the East”.) I figure I’ll finish the prologue sometime this week, then spend next weekend typing all these pieces up. Then — well — then I can officially declare the first draft of this novel as DONE.

Now, since it’s after 2, I suppose I should stop writing and go eat lunch. I’ve just been too drawn in to the world to want to leave, but I’m starting to get stupid from the lack of food. I’m supposed to go to Qi Gong tonight, but if I can’t get out of story land, I may skip it and just keep writing, hopefully finishing the prologue. However, after 3000+ words yesterday, and 2000+ words today, I am starting to get burned out. So we’ll see.

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