I know, long time no hear. BUT. I finished chapter 14! I know, a week late. But I finished it! I finally figured out that the scene I’d started was wrong. I had to pull it all out, start with a completely different scene. Once I did that, I was able to finish the chapter, about 2500 words. This chapter is a little long as well, maybe 5900 words once I get it typed up.

My goal for next week is to finish typing up both chapters 13 and 14. The following week, I’ll write chapter 15 (the last chapter of this novel. I think. I just threw in a twist that might make the chapter longer. Or it still might just be a single chapter.) The week after that, I need to rewrite the prologue and the epilogue (I have vague notes, but not the actual material.) Then — a week of typing. So I’m still on course for finishing the first draft of this novel by the end of August.

In other news, I’m still enjoying my MacBook Air. I can’t figure out a few things — maybe next week I’ll get myself to an Apple store. One of the things I’m really enjoying is a new app that I just installed, Time Out. I have it configured so that after I use the computer for 55 minutes, it comes on and I have to take a 5 minute break. I wish I could find something like this for the PC. It really has helped me.

Another thing — I have started using a bodybugg. This is a device that measures your caloric burn minute by minute. I haven’t downloaded the stats for today — I’m really curious what four hours of writing (by hand) looks like. Probably like sitting on my ass doing nothing, but you never know. One thing that has really struck me with the data I’ve received for the last few days — even when I think all I’m doing is sitting and doing nothing I don’t actually sit for that long. If I’m watching TV I’m always getting up, doing things during the commercials. There are very few times when I’m really still, which kind of surprised me. Maybe it won’t surprise anyone else, but it does surprise me.

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