so it goes

I started writing on the novel again! Typed up 1500 words last night of chapter 11, as well as plotted out most of chapters 13 and 14. I’m worried — this book may only be 15 chapters long. It may be short. But this is the length of this book. I’ve pushed at it with subplots (which I think developed nicely with the themes I wanted) but really, this book is only so long. The next book, though, she may be a lot longer. While I’m writing it I’ll keep thinking about things that I can pull back into the second novel.

I also hit a wall in terms of physical activity. I’ve been busy. Now, I know, I’m always busy. This has been extreme, even for me. I stopped on Wednesday, after having a melt-down at the gym. I took the day off from work because I was so whacked. I didn’t do anything Thursday. Every time I sat down and took internal inventory, it occurred to me that I was exhausted. It’s taken me until this morning to move from exhausted to merely tired.

And yet this weekend, well, work on the bathroom continues. I need to do paint touch up, cut and attach trim to the cabinet doors, hang the cabinet doors, put up the chair rail tile, and if I can get to it, sand and paint the outside of the bathtub. But the majority of the reconstruction may be finished, keep your fingers crossed — I may have a toilet as of this afternoon! (Not having to walk up to the third floor would be a very good thing.)

Because the construction will be finished sooner rather than later, I’ve agreed to do the Clarion West Write-a-thon this summer. I just filled out my application this morning, the last day to apply. I’ll link to my individual page when it’s up. For now, you can read about it here.

My company will match donations up to $500. You can’t donate through the regular system though, you have to send the money to me directly. You won’t be able to declare it as a donation for your taxes either. But I will double your contribution. My goal is to raise $150, then double it to $300. I’m asking people to donate $10. You can either donate directly (and not have your money matched) or send me a check, or money via PayPal to my regular email (lrcutter at pobox dot com), and have your donation doubled. It’s up to you.

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