emotional-driven characters

I wrote the first 1000 words of the next chapter, chapter 11. Felt really good. I love the conflict that’s about to come up. I stopped even though I knew exactly what is going to happen next. This will make it fairly easy to just slide into writing again.

I was thinking about writing emotional-driven characters. I realized that there’s something that I’ve done a few times in these novels that I didn’t talk about at the panel.

I always write novels from more than one POV. When something really cataclysmic happens, say, one character kills another, I don’t have the big event happen from the POV of the character to whom it happens. Instead, I write the next chapter from that character’s POV, so that he or she has to deal with the aftermath.

For example, character A kills character B. This is told from character C’s POV. There isn’t hesitation or planning from character A — it’s kill or be killed. So the action, while dramatic, isn’t necessarily that emotional. The next chapter, however, is from character A’s POV, dealing with having just killed someone for the first time ever. It also gives me an excuse for lots of lovely anguish, pain and suffering.

I love my characters! I really do.

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