Tuesday night writer’s thing

Yeap. It’s Tuesday night. Real life interfered with writing last night, so I only got about 500 words done on chapter 16. What that means is that tonight, I’ll be really focused on writing. If anyone wants to join me, I’ll be at Remedy Teas.

It also means that I’ll probably finish chapter 16 tonight.

Wednesday night I won’t write — I’m going to yoga, then out on a date.

Thursday night I’ll start chapter 17. Which is the last chapter. YES I AM STILL FREAKING OUT.

I’ll finish the novel this weekend. Writing it out by hand, at any rate. Then I’ll have to type up what I’ve written. So, say by next Thursday at the latest.

(See, freaking out, above.)

Also — a very happy birthday to dancinghorse! I hope that you have a lovely, lovely day.

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