Am plugging away on the next chapter. 1000 words on Monday, another 1000 on Tuesday. No writing today — I generally take Wednesdays off. But Thursday we’re meeting at the online coffee shop (14th and Pike) and I plan on getting more writing done then, as well as Friday and Saturday and Sunday and . . . You get the picture. Yes, I still *love* this chapter, this book. Some really surprising things have come up, and I planted some hooks for book three, which makes me grin like a mad fool.

Right now I’m very unhappy with Trader Joe’s. They sold a fully-cooked sausage that I really liked. It was made from chicken and had big pieces of apple in it. Now, they sell a sausage that’s very similar, but they’ve changed what they put in it. They must have added nitrates or something, because for the second time in a row, 20 minutes after I’ve eaten some of it, I’ve come down with a migraine.

My TV is in the shop. Unsurprisingly, I’m finding that I’m getting more done with it out of the house. However, chilling with the TV is a very unstructured thing for me. Without it — I don’t have as much unstructured time. Because I have to be so much more disciplined about my diet, my need for unstructured time has increased. I can only be disciplined about so much before I start to drive myself crazy. So — it’s time for me to find a new balance, because I think I’ve recently been erring on the side of slacking.

That thing? Is still going on tonight. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!
ETA: They just postponed until tomorrow.

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