RadCon and etc.

I’ve started working out everyday, in preparation for actually starting training for my 3-day breast cancer walk that I’ll be doing in September. While I haven’t been training enough to be able to eat anything and everything that I want, I am starting to get hungry. Often. I’m going to have to figure out better snacking options again.

Are any of you going to Radcon? I am. Here’s my schedule so far:

Friday, 5-6 PM
Writing Beyond Mono-culture
You only have 300 pages but you want a complex planet and story too?

Saturday, 10-11 AM
The Obligatory World Building Panel
What programming schedule would be complete without a world building panel. Come and learn from the best. And these guys are.

Saturday, 4-5 PM
Historical Research
A one hour panel on research methods, evaluating sources, using research in fiction and non-fiction writing and other contexts.

Saturday 8-9 PM
Critical Elements of Fantasy
There are rules to every Genre. Fantasy is no exception. Who better than Patricia Briggs to tell us.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the Norwescon people about whether or not they’d like me to be part of the writer’s workshop. Manuscripts are due next week, so possibly they’re waiting until they get them all before they contact people about them. . .

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