I continue to work on that thing I’m not officially committing to working on. I’ve decided to give it a full week — see if this puppy really does have legs. If I’m still feeling the same way then as I am now, I will officially commit to working on it. In the meanwhile, it’s just something I’m doing to make me happy, keep the writing prompt pumped, until I get back to the Official Novel.

Yesterday I wrote out by hand the first part of the first chapter. Today I finished writing the first chapter (3-4K words) and started typing it in. I was so sleepy this morning that I went back to sleep after turning off my alarm without even realizing it, not until my cat woke me up an hour later. When I finally did get moving, all I could think about was writing. All I could do was wolf down breakfast and start. I’d ended the first part at the perfect place. I knew exactly what the next paragraph had to be. It was wonderful to flow right back into it.

I went and I checked — it’s been about one and a half years since I felt this way about my writing (April 2005). That doesn’t mean that I haven’t written in the meanwhile — I’ve finished 20 short stories, as well as a few chapters of the other novel. However, that was just mostly sitting down and doing it. It’s been more about discipline than obsession, or if I had a fun story idea, following that to completion. There have been bits and spurts of this draw, maybe for a morning or half a day. This is the fourth full day that I’ve been like this, and I don’t think the feeling is abating at all. I’m completely captivated by this project, by the world and the characters and the story and the arcs and everything. It’s the best feeling in the world — I’ve missed it terribly.

Last night I made the decision to use the gods and mythology that I’d already written up for a very long short story as part of this thing. (When I discovered that I had 10,000 words of background for that story, I realized that it probably wasn’t really going to be a short story, but a novella.) I’m only tweaking it a little. If I ever get around to finishing that story, it could easily be just an individual story set in this same world. I even figured out when it would be set according to the time line of the thing that I’m working on. (Eeep, but in a good way — I’ve never really held such a time line completely in my head, without an outline.) I don’t believe that I’ll bring the characters of the story into the novel as it stands — they don’t fit. It would be a separate, pretty wild subplot, with a man actually cursed by the gods. Not sure how it would link in or reflect on the main plot of the novel — I don’t see an obvious or even a subtle connection between them. But then again, we’ll see. I’m holding myself open to the possibilities. (For those of you who I’ve chatted with about this — this is the 10K+ short story about war.)

In case ya’ll can’t tell, I’m still very, *very* excited about all this.


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