Oh the Internets!


I’ve been without an Internet connection at my home since Wednesday morning. I’ve missed it so much! (Side note to badger2305 — I was stealing internet from one of my neighbors and it just cut off which is why I disappeared on AIM.)

And yet — I haven’t missed it as much as I could have. Why? Because I’m still writing like a fool on that new thing. *G* (And also I have a house guest)

I’ve typed up the prologue and the first chapter (wrote them both out by hand then typed them in.) It’s about 5500 words, total. I anticipate adding 1-2000 more words to the first chapter because I always write first draft “short” — I always end up adding more.

I’ve outlined the second chapter in my head, the three major scenes — just need to write it.

I’ve started thinking about and planning the third chapter. I came up with a *great* idea last night. Because I’m not outlining, I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen in the third chapter until last night. It’s funny: I knew structurally what had to happen in the third chapter, but not a thing about the details. I’m really excited about the third chapter. Something that I mentioned in passing in the first chapter is now suddenly extremely significant in the third chapter. I knew when I when I was writing that section that it was foreshadowing something important. I didn’t know what, though. Not until yesterday.

So I’m happily writing this new thing still. I’m also still completely obsessed with it. The obsession has taken a noticeable step down in intensity, which kind of worries me. Yet again, I have a guest for the weekend, and I’m exhausted. We’ll see how much obsession I have once I’m alone again and I’ve caught up on my sleep.

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