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Am heavy into rewrites with Chapter one. It’s grown from about 4200 to 4800 words, and I figure by the time I’m finished it’ll be around 5000.

These are slow words, carefully chosen words, words splintered and polished and reassembled until the mosaic they form flows from one end to the other. I’m making sure to put sparkling stones in every now and again — too many, and the effect would be lost, too few, and it just becomes a path for walking, not a destination in and of itself. I like the way this path twists, how the shadows of the paths leading to it sometimes show themselves, as well as how many branches are growing from this primary root.

I hope that ya’ll are having as much fun with your writing as I am right now. This is the good stuff. I’ve rediscovered the joy in my writing. It’s nice to have something beyond obsession driving me. I was hoping that just obsession alone would be enough for the other novel, but it wasn’t. I need this joy as well.

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