Well that was unexpected.

I’m making a commitment to my writing again. Not Writing As Event, just butt in chair, writing.

This weekend while I was away at a workshop, ants started an assault on my house. When I got home, there was a parade line from the side door, through the hallway and into the kitchen to the cat’s food. I discovered a 2″x1/4″ gap at the bottom of the side door, as well as gaps around the threshold/door jam that I’ve taken care of today.

All of that meant I didn’t have the writing time I’d planned on. But again, butt in chair, write when you can. I carved out 30 minutes and re-started that seamstress story (never finished it the other day.) Wrote about 500 words then went to do everything else I needed to do.

Driving home from the store, the rest of the story popped into my head. So when I got home I sat down and I finished the short story — maybe 1200 words, not very long at all. And it’s weird, let me tell you.

Then I realized that what I’d just written was the potential prologue for a novel. Not a long novel, maybe more like a novella, of what happens after the story, which is just as important.

I’m still poking at it, letting the back brain figure out if this is something I want to continue with or not. As usual, the whole thing arrived in my head at once — I know the first couple scenes, I see at least one middle scene, and that last scene is really clear.

It isn’t a complicated thing, though. And right now it’s pretty preachy. So I’m still thinking about it. It might be fun to write a 20,000 word novella though over the next couple of weeks. We’ll see.

As I said, unexpected.


It really isn’t good for me not to write for a week. When I started writing this evening it was hard — the flow was gone. The first page or so sucks. Muchly. Eventually though, I got into a groove, and the words *poured* from me. 13 1/2 pages later, I’m finished. Done even, as a thing is done. Wiped out. I’d ask how come just sitting and writing exhausts me this way, as nothing else can, but I know the answer to that. There’s no such thing as “just writing” — not for me. I feel everything the character is feeling, and this was a *tough* scene for her. So now we’re both exhausted.

Tomorrow evening will be more of the same, I suspect. sjcox3 — if you’re interested in doing the Tuesday night writer’s thing with us, we’re switching locations for this week, seeing how it works out. We’ll be at Remedy Teas, at 15th and Harrison. It’s right next to the Subway sandwich place. They have free WiFi, and 160 different types of tea to choose from. Along with beer, wine, and assorted vegan goodies.