Adventures in homesteading

Seriously, that’s what I feel like I’m doing half the time. I brought minimal things with me–when I left Seattle, I didn’t have a place, and I was looking at both furnished and unfurnished and I didn’t want to cart around stuff I wouldn’t end up needing. . .

I ended up getting an unfurnished place. And I mean really unfurnished. No curtains on the windows. Not even a shower rod in the bathroom. The place is newly remodeled–no one has lived here since they finished the work. But they didn’t quite finish the work, either.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea–I do like this place. I am really happy to be here for six months, both in this apartment and in the French Quarter. The poor realtor and the contractor are fixing things as fast as they can. There just happens to be a lot more to fix than they realized.

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