What is writer/traveler?

For decades, I’ve called myself a writer/traveler.

It was the tagline of this website since the start.

However, I’ve learned that while I still travel (a lot!), I don’t enjoy writing about it.

So I changed my tagline to something else that’s also important to me, that I’ll actually write about.

Coffee-Fueled Fiction.


Because I love coffee. And I enjoy writing about it.

As for travel…

Travel, for me, isn’t just going to New Zealand (like I did in January 2014) or taking the big trip (from 1992 – 1995) or going to Iceland or Chile or…

Travel for me is also exploring your local environment. Acting as a tourist in your own town. I’ve done a lot of the local tours. I plan on doing more.

Travel, for me, is as much of a mindset as anything else. Trying new things. Exploring. Not being stuck in a routine.

Ages ago, I started what I call, “the anti-stodgy” routine. So I don’t end up, well, old. So I’ll still be willing to experiment.

I make it a point to try something new once a month. Like tooth powder. A new restaurant. Going paddle boarding. Taking a tour of a chocolate factory. Just something new and different.

That is what travel is all about.