Short Fiction

I write short stories. A lot of them.

I occasionally offer short stories for free on this page.

For a complete list of my short stories available online, click here.

Featured short stories:

“The Glass Girl”
“Sisters” (reprint)
“Sisters” (reprint)
“Rabbit, the Dastardly Thief, and the Disappearing Dragon”
fr-19-haunted-ebook-cover “The Ribbon Tree”
HHM_Ebook_Cover_600x900 “The Blood Hound”
FR Kobo Special Edition Pulse Pounders ebook cover “The Messenger”
AHMMAY2015web “The Strange Case of Rabbit and the Missing Daughter”
FR-Past-Crime-ebook-cover “New World Gambles”
FCC_Ebook_Cover “Let’s Make a Deal”
Tales From an Alien Campfire “Out of the Woods”