The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom

Cover for The Clockwork Fairy KingdomAdele—the beautiful Fairy Queen with wings of clockwork—despairs when her husband, the Master Tinker, dies before he finishes the Great Machine that will reignite the human-fairy war and drive the humans away. When she meets Dale, a human boy with natural talent who can finish the machine, she enslaves him and binds his will with her fairy magic.

However, Dale’s twin sister Nora, who has only recently discovered that she is a Maker and has power of her own, escapes before she can be taken as well.

Can Nora understand and accept the magic that makes her different and save both her brother and herself before the fairy kingdom clockwork can be turned on, killing millions of innocent people?

Previously published as Clockwork Kingdom.

The sequel, The Maker, the teacher, and the Monster is also now available!

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Available for $5.99 as an ebook, $12.95 as a trade paperback from Createspace.

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I wrote this book immediately taking Dean Wesley Smith’s workshop on cliffhangers. This book has a lot of scenes, because I was practicing cliffhangers. I wrote the first draft during the Clarion West write-a-thon, finishing the entire novel in just six weeks.

It’s been through two rewrites since then, as well as a copy edit. And it’s recently been through yet another comb through, as well as another copy edit, in preparation for the new novel, titled, “The Maker, the Teacher, and the Monster,” which will be available July 22nd, 2014.

The second novel picks up when the twins are 18, the last summer before they both leave to go to different colleges.