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Too Far, Too Fast

So another week and our intrepid traveler is continuing down the road of a specific ketogenic diet (Wahls Paleo Plus), which means high fat, medium protein, low carb. In addition, she’s still doing without eggs, dairy, or nightshades.

One of the things that I continue to notice is that I feel better and better.…

The 2017 Write Stuff Bundle!

The 2017 Write Stuff Bundle!

Woo AND Hoo!

Yet again, Kristine Kathryn Rusch has put together a fantastic bundle of writing guides to help you take your craft to the next level! This year’s bundle has everything from how to get your mind into the game, how to better play the game, and once you’ve finished with your work, how better to format it and market it!…

Diet and migraine update

So, for those of you following along from home, I recently started the Wahl’s Paleo Plus diet in an effort to cut back on the number of migraines I’ve been having. I also removed things from my diet that I suspect I’m allergic to, such as eggs, dairy, and nightshades.…

Story News!

Woo AND Hoo! I sold a short story to the anthology, “Death of All Things.” The anthology itself should be coming out August or so this year.

I AM SO EXCITED. I actually really love the story they bought, called, “Wedding Vows.”

This anthology was originally funded via a Kickstarter.…