Nov 252014

If you go over to the Knotted Road Press new releases page, you’ll see FOUR authors there.


Blaze Ward.
Nancy Kasmar.
Terry Brodbeck Ward.

And now, there’s about to be a fifth.

Rose Leighton, a writer who specializes in literary erotica, has joined KRP. She has three stories now available.

The Festival of Sands–I never thought High Priestess Udyati would chose me to be her stand in for the Festival of Sands. But I could never be as motionless as she desired. What further training, punishment and rewards, could she give me to inspire my complete obedience?

Fetish Turtle–Mark wants to please his girlfriend. He finds an odd turtle at a craft fair that he plans on gifting her with. But things aren’t always as they seem.

The Perfect Shot–Horace loves the finer things: espresso ristretto, good chocolate, expensive wine. But Horace lives also alone. When Horace’s brother arranges a “date” for Horace’s birthday, Horace has to decide if he’s going to take this one perfect shot at companionship or not.

Find them at your favorite retailer or at Knotted Road Press.

FYI – Knotted Road Press has signed a sixth writer, and has sent contracts to a seventh.

So many new great things are coming in 2015.

I can’t wait.