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I write fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and horror, as well as the occasional essay and poem.

I write both short and long fiction. It’s all available on Amazon or from other stores.

The Official Bio

Leah Cutter writes page–turning fiction in exotic locations, such as a magical New Orleans, the ancient Orient, Hungary, the Oregon coast, rural Kentucky, Seattle, Minneapolis, and many others.

She writes literary, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and horror fiction. Her short fiction has been published in magazines like Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Talebones, anthologies like Fiction River, and on the web. Her long fiction has been published both by New York publishers as well as small presses.

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What’s New?


I am now leading workshops, teaching indie-publishers and authors how to create beautiful interiors for their print books. In addition, I also teach authors how to create covers, for both print and ebooks.

The next print workshop starts in October. The next cover workshop is in November.

To learn more about the workshops, click here.

A Box of Taels and Haunted!


Gau Li works to keep a humble appearance: Just a hard-working Chinese man trying to make a living in 1950s San Francisco. Trying to take care of his special wife their families.

To hide the training he received from the monks. And that he can fight like a demon when he needs to.

Because suddenly? That need to fight has come.

But Gau Li quickly learns he needs more than flying fists to solve his biggest problem.

If you like high-adventure, clock-and-dagger, historic-spy short stories with an exotic bent, A Box of Taels is for you!


If you enjoyed A Box of Taels, read the continued adventures of Oneida, Gau Li’s wife, read The Ribbon Tree in Fiction River: Haunted.

Spoiled Harvest


Cassie cannot turn away her most recent client. She needs the money. Though honestly, trying to find the woman’s damned cat turns her stomach.

But the client also carries a rose with her. It represents…something. Something destructive. Something apocalyptic.

Something Cassie can’t defend herself from. Not even with sarcasm.

“Spoiled Harvest”—the third novel in this fast-paced urban fantasy series—pits Cassie against an order of monks who follow Zarathustra, more gods, and even more corporate machinations.

Be sure to read the first two kickass Cassie novels: Poisoned Pearls and Tainted Waters.

Now available at your favorite retailers!


The Princess Troll


Most trolls have no natural magical ability. However, Christine does. Enchanted powders swirl up when she walks by. Charms glow.

What happens when Christine tries to direct her magic?

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Something blocks Christine from reaching her full magical potential.

But what?

The Princess Troll—the second novel in The Seattle Trolls trilogy and the delightful continuation The Changeling Troll—follows Christine on her journeys through a skewed Seattle and her encounters with outrageous and whimsical characters. A coming of age tale for all ages!

Available from your favorite retailers.

Candles and Shadows


New short story, part of the Uncollected Anthology series!

Pearl’s greatest magical gift? Knowing exactly what someone needs before they do. Opening up a magic shop seemed like the perfect way to help her use her gift.

The problem? The beautiful smartly-dressed woman who just walked in.

This woman wants something. Something only Pearl can provide.

Pearl’s fear? Figuring out exactly what this woman needs. And what the cost may be…

Available at your favorite retailers!

Bundles as Ebooks


Originally, this bundle was available at http://www.bundlerabbit.com. Now, it’s available at online distributors, but only for a short time:

Available at:
Kobo Books

In addition, the Fantasy in the City bundle is now available at general distributors!


Available at:

Barnes & Noble

What’s Coming?

The Immortals’ War


Tong Yi lives in Taiwan and works as a messenger for Huli Transport—a company that specializes in delivering messages and packages for non-humans. He values his oath to the company and makes heroic efforts to ensure the messages entrusted to him arrive safely and on time.

However, between the awesome motorcycle he rides who insists of “dancing” with him by fishtailing and trying to dump him every chance she gets, and the brewing war between the non-humans, “…or die trying” seems more likely with every message he delivers.

And then his brother turns up as a combatant, and possibly his enemy…

If you enjoy Chinese myths and legends woven into a modern story, you’ll love “The Immortals’ War.”

Starts with Dancing with Tong Yi, War On All Fronts, and The Sweet Shop. Continues with The Immortals’ War, Girls’ Night Out and Kiss. And Make Up.

Coming December, 2016