Hi There!

Welcome to my web site. Glad you could make it.

I write fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and horror, as well as the occasional essay and poem.

I have published both short and long fiction. It’s all available on Amazon or also from other stores. I have short fiction, long fiction, and short story collections available.

Want to read about paper magic in an exotic setting–Tang Dynasty China? Start with Paper Mage. It’s also available at other stores, as a trade paperback, and as an audio book.

If you prefer mysteries, try my collection The Shredded Veil Mysteries where the main character is a detective, but also a ghost. (Other sources available here.) And this collection is also available as a trade paperback.

If you want a diverse collection of short stories, I have Baker’s Dozen, thirteen sweet and savory tales. (Also available as a paperback.)

My most recent novel is The Popcorn Thief, a tale of magic and ghosts among the corn fields of Kentucky.

My other works are all available on Knotted Road Press.

I also travel. I’ve lived outside the US for 3 1/2 years (the big journey) and have spent time in Chile, Hungary, Mexico, Iceland, and New Orleans doing research for my writing. I have more big trips planned soon.

I hope you enjoy wandering around here.

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