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I write fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and horror, as well as the occasional essay and poem.

I write both short and long fiction. It’s all available on Amazon or from other stores.

What’s New?

The Changeling TrollMy latest title, The Changeling Troll, is a young adult, contemporary urban fantasy novel, that takes place in Seattle.

A different kind of ugly duckling story.

Christine works at her dream job in the archives at a university library, loses sleep most every night to reading, lives mostly in her dreams. And can’t find what she’s really looking for.

After losing a bet with her brother, Christine forces herself to go to a bar. Listen to some live music.

Live a little.

When she meets the impossible–her exact twin–her world starts falling apart until all Hell breaks loose.


Available from Book View Cafe, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and as a paperback book from Createspace.

What’s Coming?

Of Myst and FollyOf Myst and Folly – available spring 2015.

A post-apocalyptic fairy tale.

Bombs destroyed all the major cities of the world almost two centuries ago.

The bombs opened rifts. Magic and myst flowed into the world.

Electronic devices no longer work. Only simple mechanical devices. Man learned to farm again, in curving rows that myst can’t gather in.

For decades, the myst has gained strength slowly. Destroyed people, fields, villages a little at a time. Because the myst is scattered, unfocused.

When the myst finds its champion, will man survive?

Inspired by the short story, The Last Dancing Leaves.

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